Administrative Director ~ Medical Specialty Clinics

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Nashville, TN 37230

Posted 1 week ago

Job Description

**Your Role:**


position manages the Medical Specialty Clinics in the Medicine Service Line as

well as support nursing practice with the dialysis clinics in partnership with

the medical directors of each specialty. Create a patient-focused, high-performance, high-commitment

work team which supports the mission, vision and credo of the Vanderbilt

Clinical Enterprise. Assure that the business objectives of the assigned

clinical service lines are met through proper direction of all fiscal,

material, technological, and human resources. Collaborate with other members of

Patient Care Center Leadership team to meet established goals of Patient Care

Center and Clinical Enterprise. Serve as the key architect for aligning

operations to accomplish strategic goals.

**Preferred Education, Skills, andExperiences:**

+ Graduate of an approved Nursing Program (MSN preferred butcandidates must have at least a BSN and a Master’s degree in other disciplinesis acceptable)

+ Active Tennessee RN license

+ 10+ years of RN experience in a leadership capacity

+ Outpatient ambulatory nursing experience highly desired


+ Developgoals and objectives for the department based on interpretation ofinstitutional policy and goals.

+ Establishand articulate a philosophy of operational effectiveness consistent withthe educational, research, and patient care missions of the University'sMedical Center.

+ Review,establish, and revise policies, procedures, and standards related to allaspects of patient care. Interpret policies and objectives to thehealthcare teams including patient, and community groups.

+ Togetherwith senior medical and administrative staff, participate in the establishmentof the mission, strategic plan, budgets, resource allocation, operationalplans, and policies for the Hospital and Vanderbilt Clinic.

+ Coaches/mentorssubordinate and peer clinical leaders in techniques and methods that drivebusiness growth, enhance employee and physician relationships, and provideexcellent clinical outcomes.

+ Ensurethe most effective operations of the department through programdevelopment, process improvement and coordination/integration of processeswith other departments.

+ Responsibleto the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer for theintegration of nursing practice across the Clinical Enterprise.

+ Assuresuccessful implementation of clinical programs through systems and processdesign by integrating the design of the clinical programs with the needsof the community and other target populations.

+ Developbudget, policies, and strategies that optimize the outcomes of clinicalprograms by improving efficiency and effectiveness in care deliveryprocess.

+ Assureexternal healthcare trends/demands are assessed. Create programs to meetthe future market requirements.

+ Monitorand review departmental performance of productivity targets.

+ Implementchanges for improvement that focus on financial performance, quality, andcustomer satisfaction.

+ Analyzework processes to optimize productivity

+ Attendand collaboratively participate in the Patient Care Management Council.

+ Standardizeservices, processes, resources, and practices where appropriate to improveefficiency maximizing continuity of patient care while maintainingprofessional standards within disciplines and across Patient Care Centers.

+ Collaborateon key strategic decisions with other Patient Care Centers.

+ Defineand achieve financial targets for the Patient Care Center in support ofbusiness goals of the Clinical Enterprise

+ Negotiatecapital and operating budget requests with the Patient Care ManagementCouncil.

+ UtilizeClinical Enterprise resources to achieve efficiency and consistency in theapplication of key initiatives and marketing plans.

+ Negotiateservice levels and service changes with the Support Service Departments.

+ Reviewvariance to budget and prior period actual data and implement changes forimprovement that focus on financial performance, quality, and customersatisfaction.

+ Develops,directs, and implements a comprehensive strategic business plan toincrease market share, manage performance and profitability targets.

+ Createand exceed service standards utilizing key service dimension and fromknowledge of patient/customer expectations and best practice

+ Participatein establishing service standards for the department

+ Ensurethat the service standards established for the department are met orexceeded

+ Utilizecustomer satisfaction, best practices and market information to improvecustomer service and satisfaction.

+ Monitorperformance against service standards.

+ Usepatient/customer satisfaction data to improve systems, processes andoutcomes.

+ Participatein process to determine if service standards are compatible with financialtargets.

+ Ensureadequate resources are available to implement strategies/decisions,strengthens physician relations, participates in pricing, contracting andmarketing decisions, and meets targets for financial, quality, andcustomer service performance indicators.

+ Createan organizational culture (both within and across departments) thatprovides a safe, satisfying and enriching environment for employees and providesa qualified, competent staff to meet patient needs.

+ Contributeto performance reviews for physicians who participate in the Patient CareCenter clinical programs.

+ Establishand maintain cost-effective recruitment and staffing policies and programshealthcare related positions. Assure the selection and hiring processmatches the right people with the right work to maximize productivity andquality

+ Provideprofessional development opportunities for both clinical andadministrative staff, including training for such things as criteria basedjob descriptions and performance evaluation methodologies.

+ Provideleadership to promulgate the mission and the values of the institution tothe department

+ Modelbehavior consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the enterprisethrough leading, coordinating projects, innovation, initiatingimprovement, and developing new programs

+ Demonstratea leadership style that is facilitative and collaborative.

+ Communicatewithin and across departments to maximize effectiveness, efficiently andinformation sharing

+ Ensuresall Human Resource and VUMC policies and procedures are followed accordingto standards.

+ Definethe qualifications and performance expectations for all staff positionsthrough the Performance Development system, including department specificjob descriptions, measurable performance standards

+ Createan environment that encourages and supports self-development and learningfor all staff through regular feedback, by assuring the development ofstaff through orientation, training programs, work experiences andassessing competencies by meeting the performance expectations stated inhis or her job description in a timely manner (normally annually).

+ Identify,establish and evaluate quality assurance standards, programs, andprocedures within department

+ Maintainreadiness for internal and external survey/inspections by assuring thatall faculty and staff are knowledgeable of regulatory standards applicableto their work and ensuring that standards are met within the Patient CareCenters to assure Clinical Enterprise accreditation/licensure.

+ Ensureutilization of space within the Patient Care Center supports the visionand mission of the Enterprise<

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