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Battery Tech

TRC Staffing Services • Pendergrass, GA 30567

Posted 2 days ago

Job Description

TRC's Client in Pendergrass is seeking a Machine Operator also called a Battery Room Tech (BRT). This is a direct hire for Bed Bath & Beyond

Multiple shifts available, pay range 13.50 - 14.00

Job Duties will include:

- Primarily be responsible for changing out batteries in all (fork) lifts in accordance with the established SOP.

- PPE will be maintained and worn at the appropriate levels for each individual task for which it is required.

- BRT will maintain all the batteries at a peak level by doing the following;

  • Inspect each battery for any damage to cell, cables, injectors, hoses, connectors, etc.
  • Maintain correct water levels in ALL cells of the batteries by following watering SOP.
  • Repair any nicks or cuts to cable insulation with heavy wall-adhesive lined heat shrink tape.
  • Repair or replace any damaged or non-functioning water injectors, fittings, or tubing.
  • Replace any damaged connectors, including contact tips if needed.
  • Immediately note and report any damage that would render battery unsafe or unusable to supervisor for evaluation. Isolate battery by means of LOTO.

BRT will maintain the floor, racks, and changer as follow;

  • The entire battery changing area will be kept clean at all times.
  • The floor around, in front, behind, and under the racks will be swept and kept clean.
  • Any water on the floor will be mopped up ASAP. Any acid spills will be neutralized and cleaned up ASAP.
  • The battery changer will be kept clean and wiped down daily.
  • The racks will be kept clean and maintained so as not to allow any accumulation or buildup of battery acid.

BRT will maintain the provided battery watering station and the Decontamination Shower and make any minor repairs as needed.

All of the spare parts, PPE, acid spill materials, and other equipment will be maintained by the tech. These items will be stored in locked cabinets at the changer area and accessible only by Maintenance.

Additionally, an Acid Spill quick response kit will be maintained by the tech and accessible to anyone at all times for immediate need. As will 2 complete sets of PPE on the wall at the Decontamination Shower for others to use if needed.

The Battery Room Tech will effectively assume all responsibilities for all operations that take place inside this area. He will effectively communicate

Job Details

Location:  Pendergrass, GA 30567

Employment Type:   Full-Time


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    Battery Tech

    TRC Staffing Services • Pendergrass, GA 30567

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