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Cliveden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center • Philadelphia, PA 19119

Posted 1 week ago

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Cliveden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center -

At Cliveden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, We are currently seeking Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to join our team. Full time, Part Time, and PRN. Weekend Programs Available. The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides nursing and nursing related services to residents consistent with each residents comprehensive resident assessment and plan of care. Resident care is provided according to the Flow of Care in a manner that meets the resident's physical, mental, and psycho-social needs and enables the individual to attain or maintain the highest practicable level of functioning. The CNA maintains a "homelike environment for the residents, protects and promotes Resident Rights and assists the person to maintain independence and control to the greatest extent possible.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Participates in the provision of direct nursing care according to the needs of the individual resident under the direction and supervision of the nurse in charge. Provides direct care to residents to improve or maintain the residents abilities according to the resident's plan of care. Incorporates information obtained from report. Provides care in a manner that protects and promotes Resident Rights, dignity, self-determination and active participation. Offers and respects resident choices in matters of daily routine. Refers to residents by proper names unless resident requests otherwise. Avoids use of all pet names. Handles all resident property with respect. Assists with the planning, implementation and evaluation of plans of care for assigned residents and reports information about conditions, responses to interventions and suggestions for alternative approaches to the Unit Charge Nurse. Assists with preparation for state inspections as directed. Attends survey training and interacts with state surveyors as directed by immediate supervisor. Follows all facility policies and procedures including those related to infection control. Uses personal protective equipment properly whenever indicated. Records accurate, legible information about resident care and condition in appropriate sections of residents records. Records all entries on flow sheets, notes, charts, etc. in an informative and descriptive manner. Communicates with Unit Charge Nurse about assigned residents regularly throughout shift. Demonstrates competence in use of proper body mechanics for both upper and lower body. Safely and correctly uses equipment such as gait belts and mechanical lifting equipment for lifting, pulling, and turning residents who may range in weight from less than 80 pounds to over 300 pounds. Monitors physical environment for safety or fire hazards and corrects or reports potential problems immediately to unit charge nurse. Promptly reports housekeeping and maintenance problems to Unit Charge Nurse. Reports injury to resident or self to Unit Charge Nurse immediately. Specified Duties: Participate in and receive nursing report upon reporting for duty. Assists the resident in maintaining or improving function, encouraging independence whenever responsible for the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and overall hygiene of the resident: baths, shampoos, shaves, nail care, mouth care, foot care, and peri-care per facility policy. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)--Assists with bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, transferring, and feeding of assigned residents by providing set-up assistance, verbal prompts, physical support or more extensive assistance as more fully described below: Bathing--Assists with transport of resident to tub or shower; Adjusts water temperature; Washes and dries resident. Dries body thoroughly with clean towels. Maintains privacy for resident at all times. Dental--Assists resident with daily dental and mouth care (i.e. brushing teeth/dentures, oral hygiene, special mouth care, etc.) Dressing--Locates, selects, and dons clothing for resident. Assists residents with snaps, zippers, and buttons after donning clothes or removing them. Recognizes clothing in need of repair and communicates clothing needs to resident and to Unit Charge Nurse. Hair Care--Assist resident with hair care functions (i.e. combing, brushing, shampooing, etc.) Shave male residents. Keep hair on female resident clean shaven (i.e. facial hair, under arms, on legs, etc., as instructed.) Elimination/Toileting--Promptly assists resident to bathroom according to toileting schedule or, promptly brings clean bedpan or urinal. Opens, removes clothing in preparation, cleans resident if resident is unable to clean self, adjusts clothing, cleans resident and own hands. Measures and records input and output as directed by Unit Charge Nurse and plan of care. Provides catheter care according to facility procedure and infection control policies. Check and report bowel movements and character of stools as instructed. Prepare and give enemas. Report results as instructed. Keep resident dry (i.e. change gown, clothing, linen, etc., when it becomes wet or soiled.) Nail CareAssists resident with nail care (i.e. clipping, trimming, and cleaning the finger/toenails.) (Note: Does not include diabetic residents.) Rehabilitation--Assists resident or provides range of motion exercises to all joints. Provides weight-bearing assistance or physical support for ambulating. Pushes wheel chair or Geri-chair if needed. Maintains safe environment for mobile resident by removing obstacles, inspecting equipment and reporting defects to Unit Charge Nurse. Monitors resident progress toward treatment goals and reports responses to Unit Charge Nurse. Transfer--Positions resident for transfer. Uses correct transfer technique and equipment according to plan of care, resident ability and self ability. Obtains assistance of another staff member if needed before transfer. Eating--Provides set-up assistance for meal tray. Opens, pours, unwraps, and cuts food if resident is unable to help self. Feeds residents who require total assistance according to their plans of care. Actively encourages residents to chew, eat, and swallow if indicated. Socializes with residents during mealtimes. Assists or cleans resident after meals. Serves nourishments and snacks as ordered. Documents and reports food and fluid intake accurately. Takes residents temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure per facility policy. Maintains restraints per policy, participating in programs to reduce, release, or eliminate restraints. Use the wristband or photo card file to identify residents before administering treatments, serving meal, etc. as necessary. Assists at meals - serving, cutting, pouring, encouraging, or feeding as necessary. Passes ice, water, and encourages fluid intake. Collects specimens as directed by nurse. Cares for catheters. Gives bedpans, urinals; removes, cleans, and sanitizes them as necessary. Assists in the admission and discharge of residents. Ensure that the residents room is ready for receiving the resident (i.e. bed made, name tags up, admission kit available, etc.) Makes rounds every two hours on residents, per policy. Answers all call lights promptly, per policy. Observes and reports patterns of decreased social interaction, angry or sad behaviors, and refusals of treatment to Unit Charge Nurse. Assists with care after death, per policy. Strips unit and removes equipment after resident transfer, discharge, or death. Follows infection control guidelines. Observes reactions and promptly reports changes in physical and mental condition of the residents to the nurse in charge of the unit. Reports to charge nurse when circumstances prevent meeting resident needs; reports unfinished tasks. Asks for assistance when work assignment is too heavy. Asks for clarification when necessary. Report all complaints and grievances made by the resident. Participates in planning to meet the total needs o

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Location:  Philadelphia, PA 19119

Employment Type:   Full-Time


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    Cliveden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center • Philadelphia, PA 19119

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