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The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nursing • Flushing, NY 11354

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Job Description

The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nursing -




The purpose of your job as a Certified Nursing Assistant is to perform a variety of care practices under the direction of the RN/LPN and/or Supervisor of the unit/shift. This includes giving direct nursing care and personal service to assigned residents. Nurse aides must demonstrate competency in skills and techniques necessary to care for residents needs as described in the plan of care.


Every effort has been made to make your job description as complete as possible. However, it in no way states or implies that these are the only duties you will be required to perform. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or is a logical assignment to the position.


1. Currently CERTIFIED by the New York State Department of Health

2. Mentally and physically capable of performing job duties.

3. Must have the ability to follow instructions as to the plan of care for each resident assigned.

4. Must be able to lift residents (minimum 50 pounds) and turn and position numerous times during the course of a work day.

5. Must have the ability to transfer a resident from sitting to standing position and vice versa.

6. Must have the ability to climb stairs, bend, maneuver equipment and push small carts.


1. Required uniform is to be worn.

2. Wear clean, well-fitting uniform with name tag and title.

3. Shoes must be clean, white rubber soled, and nursing regulation.

4. Makeup must be in good taste and moderate in amount.

5. Hair, hands, fingernails must be neat, well-kept and clean.

6. Jewelry should be restricted to simple ring and wristwatch.

7. Proper, acceptable, personal hygiene must be maintained at all times.


1. Reports for duty on time as scheduled (must punch in and out 5 minutes prior and after shift).

2. Follows established dress code, conducts self with dignity and decorum.

3. Listens to report; receives daily assignments from Head/Charge Nurse, checks all residents on assignment.

4. Reads Accountability Record of all residents assigned daily for any changes in residents plan of care and documents as required in the care tracker system.

5. Verifies the identification of a resident before administering treatment, serving food, etc., to assure that appropriate treatment, diet, etc. is being provided to the correct resident.

6. Assists in preparing residents for meals (i.e., washing hands, placing bibs, assisting in feeding or cutting food, supplying adaptive devices, etc.) and serving meals as needed.

7. Assist with feeding residents as necessary, observing food intake and performing after meal care as required (i.e. cleaning residents hands and face, clothing, removing bibs, etc.)

8. Record food and fluid intake on appropriate forms, as necessary; report any unusual occurrence to nurse (i.e. resident refusing to eat, choking, having emesis).

9. Bathe residents as assigned and in accordance with our established nursing care procedure (i.e., bed bath, whirlpool, or shower).

10. Dress residents neatly and in their own clothing; assist residents in dressing as necessary. Encourage residents to dress themselves as indicated on Accountability Record.

11. Assist residents with hair combing, shaving (male resident), trim and clean fingernails, etc. Keep hair on female residents clean shaven as necessary, or as instructed by nurses (i.e., facial hair, underarm, legs, etc.)

12. Assure that residents clean clothing is returned to them as soon as laundered and put away in appropriate dresser and closet.

13. Turn and properly position all residents while in bed at a minimum of every 2 hours. Give back and skin care as instructed. Observe for the presence of any reddened/pressure area to prevent bed sores.

14. Assist residents to and from toilet, offer bedfast residents bedpans or urinals as indicated on Accountability Record. Clean and store equipment after each use in accordance with Nursing Home Policy and Procedure.

15. Changes linens, makes residents beds, keeps dresser drawers and closets neat and orderly as well as other housekeeping duties that relate to nursing care in assisting to provide a clean, safe environment for residents.

16. Assists in providing for optimum safety by assuring that side rails are properly secured.

17. Assists all residents with transfers into chairs, bed, bathroom, bathtub, shower, etc., as indicated. Ambulate residents with or without self -help devices as necessary. Perform restorative and rehab procedures as directed by Rehab Therapist/Charge Nurse.

18. Check all residents at least hourly. Report any resident leaving the premises, or who cannot be accounted for, to Charge nurse immediately.

19. Assure that nurse call bell is within reach of bed and chairfast residents at all times. Answer all call bells promptly.

20. Observe and report to nurse any change in room temperature, ventilation, lighting, or broken equipment at time of occurrence.

21. Report all accidents/incidents regarding resident, staff, or visitor, regardless of how minor, to Charge Nurse immediately.

22. Adhere to established Infection Control Procedures and Isolation techniques in accordance with established Policy and Procedure. Utilize Universal Precautions (Body Substance Isolation) and wash hands before and after caring for each resident to prevent cross contamination and spread of infection.

23. Is cooperative and willing to help; gets along well with co-workers as needed, assists with lifting, transfers with or without using lift equipment to ensure safety for resident and staff.

24. Follows established safety standards in performance of all duties and responsibilities. Reports all safety violations and equipment in need of repair immediately as noticed.

25. Attends and participates in required and MANDATORY in-service educational programs, on the job training programs, etc., as directed/scheduled.

26. Performs all related duties as directed by the unit RN/LPN or Supervisor to accomplish necessary department functions and provide high level nursing care to all residents.

27. Follows all safety Policies and Procedures and works to promote a culture of safety.

28. Report equipment malfunctions or breakdowns to the supervisor as soon as possible.

29. Demonstrates awareness, respect and concern for all residents, their family as well as internal customers (coworkers) and external customers (i.e. patients, residents, families, physicians, referral sources).

30. Maintains CONFIDENTIALITY of all resident care information to assure resident rights are protected.

31. Assures that the residents rights to fair and equitable treatment, self- determination, individuality, privacy, property and civil rights, including the right to wage complaints, are followed.

32. Have the ability to communicate and interact with co-workers both within the Nursing Department and other departments, as well in a respectful and helpful manner.


1. Reports for duty on time as scheduled

2. Absence for 3 consecutive days must provide a medical clearance stating return to

work with NO restrictions.


1. Conforms with the HIPAA Compliance Program and applicable facility polices for patient privacy.

Job Details

Location:  Flushing, NY 11354

Employment Type:   Full-Time


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    The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nursing • Flushing, NY 11354

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