Custodian II - State Street

Topeka Public Schools • Topeka, KS 66604

Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description

Reports To: Principal or Head Building Operator

Position Purpose: To provide the upkeep, maintenance, cleanliness, safety and security of the building for a safe, clean environment.


* Ability to work with a minimum of supervision

* Possess communications and team building skills

* Ability to effectively supervise others

* Ability to follow instructions

* Understanding of custodial duties

* Knowledge of occupational hazards, safety precautions, hazardous materials and proper ways to perform the assigned duties

* Abilty to perform work independently according to prescribed standards and procedures

* Ability to work in varied weather and temperature conditions

Physical/Emotional Requirements: (The incumbent may be required to use the below requirements during any part of the working day.) Reading, speaking, hearing, manual dexterity, bending/stooping, walking, reaching, pushing/pulling, climbing, kneeling. Position is rated as a Level 4 - Lifting/carrying 50-100 lbs occasionally, 25-50 lbs frequently, and 10-20 lbs continuously. Individuals employed at the high school and middle school level are eligible for employment if a score of 3 or 4 is accompished on the physical capacity test. Individuals scoring a 3 are limited to Level 3 medium work unless assisted - 20-50 lbs lifting/carrying occasionally, 10-25 lbs frequently and up to 10 lbs continuously. Failure to comply with physical limits established by physical capacity test will result in disciplinary action for unsafe practice. This physical requirement revision was requested and approved by the Worker Compensation Committee on 11-17-15.

Elementary custodians will be required to meet the Level 4 lifting requirement.

Performance Responsibilities:

* Respond to requests for services in a timely and courteous manner

* Perform maintenance and/or repair tasks in accordance with appropriate standards and procedures

* Complete and insure the completion of a variety of work assignments

* Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of building interiors including floors and carpeting, walls, furniture, window glass, mirrors, ceilings and similar areas

* Ensure routine maintenance is performed on such items as lights, equipment, filters, furniture, ceiling tile and similar areas

* Report any unsafe condition or needed building repair to the Head Building Operator

* Ensure the requisitions and maintains the proper supply of custodial materials and equipment

* Respond to supervisors in a courteous and helpful manner

* Prepare reports and maintain records as assigned

* Ensure building is open and secure at the proper times

* Assist in snow removal or other related duties as assigned

* Accomplish in a safe and efficient manner, assigned tasks such as sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, waxing, polishing, emptying waste receptacles, cleaning restrooms and water fountains, washing windows and walls, replacing light bulbs and filters, setting up and removing school equipment and furniture, making minor building repairs, and performing preventative maintenance

* Properly operate and cares for equipment and insures those supervised do also

* Consult with supervisor about various job and personnel problems

* Maintain confidences on personnel matters

* Demonstrate professional image through appearance, language, and work ethic

* Perform related duties as assigned.

Terms of Employment:

12 months; salary and work year to be determined by the Board of Education.


Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board policy on evaluation of Classified Personnel.

Significant associations:

The performance responsibilities are not limited to those outlined in this description and may include any other responsibilities as assigned by the administrator/supervisor.


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