Cyber Modeling and Systems Engineer

Applied Physics Laboratory

Laurel, MD 20726

Posted 1 month ago

Job Description

## Position Description

Do you have experience with modeling and analyzing systems for military capabilities?

Are you passionate about using innovation and technology to solve technical challenges involving the security of the United States?

If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

As a Cyber Modeling System Engineer, you will...

Develop new concepts and capabilities for modeling cyber phenomenology and describing and quantifying cyber defensive and anti-fragility designs.

Engineer robust and resilient military platforms capable of operating in the face of determined cyber adversaries.

Contribute as a lead or co-lead in researching and developing new concepts for cyber defenses of hybrid systems containing enterprise, tactical and cyber-physical components.

Develop new approaches to describing complex solutions that incorporate cyber risk, resilience, anti-fragility and key concepts to provide defensive designers the needed tools for robust and anti-fragile systems in the presence of evolving cyber adverse environments.

Lead research and development of new methods, approaches and modeling to examine and expand defensive concepts with rigorous and defensible data driven evidence.

* Cyber Analysis – expand on the current approaches and methods to incorporate more mathematical rigor, statistical maturity, and scientific methods towards cyber defensive concepts. Contribute to the development of complex architectures and concepts to incorporate quantifiable evidence that systems are improved in the face of adverse cyber environments.

* Cyber Modeling – Support development of analytics and tools used to perform quantitative analyses. Provide new approaches to incorporate statistical confidence in cyber defensive results and recommendations.

* Research and Development – Understand the analytic needs of the group and work with teams and leadership to develop new capabilities to quantify, describe, and build robust and capable systems resilient or anti-fragile in the presence of current and future cyber environments.

## Qualifications

You meet the minimum qualifications for this position if you have:

* A Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, or related fields.

* Software systems architecture, design, and networking knowledge.

* Strong written and oral communication skills with bibliography of papers in refereed professional publications.

* A desire to work both independently and in diverse-skill teams.

* Ability to travel (

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