General Automotive Technician - DPW

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General Automotive Technician - DPW

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General Automotive Technician - DPW


$45,760.00 Annually



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Full Time


Department of Public Works-Fleet Services

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10/25/2022 11:59 PM Eastern

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Position Summary

To provide general maintenance to City vehicles in support of the operating activities

Position Responsibilities

Reads work orders and maintenance forms to ascertain the condition of vehicles, application of maintenance modifications and general maintenance.

Diagnose and isolate cause of malfunction in vehicle to be repaired.

Interprets and applies information contained in manufacturers' manuals, lube orders and other data relevant to the maintenance of vehicles.

Adjusts operating mechanisms such as valves, tappets, carburetors, governors, ignition systems, points, central linkage, clutches and brakes, using feeler gauges, dial indicators, special gauges and templates

Times magnetos, distributors, injectors, and injection pumps, using timing pins and lights

Replaces subassemblies, components and accessories, such as starters, fuel pumps, carburetors, generators, radiators, universal joints, brake shoes, engine mounts, low pressure lines and fittings

Instructs and assists lower skilled personnel in maintenance practices and procedures.

Operates wrecker or service trucks

Observes all job-site safety regulations

May be required to work overtime

Must be able to completely tear down and reassemble such components as engines, DIFF, TRAN, pumps, starters, gen, hyd, cyl.

Will be held responsible for tools/equipment supplied by the City

Performs related duties as assigned


High School Diploma or GED

Must have a valid Operator's license upon reporting to work

Ability to operate power tools, alignments, wheel balancing machines and engine analyzing machines

Ability to lift over 50 lbs

Ability to carry up to 15 lbs

Ability to perform the following: straight pulling, reaching above the shoulder, pushing, walking, standing and kneeling.

Ability for rapid mental muscular coordination simultaneously

Working ability to read and understand operating manuals, service manuals, and written instructions relative to job duties.

Knowledge of basic repair procedures and techniques applicable to the repair of vehicles

Must have hand tools relevant to this type of repair upon reporting for work.

*Must pass pre-employment physical.

*The above are minimum requirements.

Independent Judgment

Actions are controlled by City and departmental policies and procedures. Decisions may occur when determining the proper sequence of steps or when making minor variations from established methods. Work is reviewed on a spot check basis by a supervisor who is generally available.

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