Job #2071: IT

Cerritos, CA 90703

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Job Description

Job #2071: IT

Job Code:#2071

Title:Developer Operations Engineering SQL

Job Type:Contract

Job Location:Cerritos


Job Description:



The County of Los Angeles (County), District Attorney’s Office (DA) seeks to obtain the services of a team of Consultants from the same Contractor to add additional functionality to the Electronic Charge Evaluation Request (eCER). The existing application allows law enforcement to securely and electronically submit complaint data and forms to increase electronic information exchange and decrease the time it takes for paperwork to be sent from law enforcement to the District Attorney’s Office.

The team of Consultants shall add additional functionality to the system including data encryption at rest, the ability to create PDF documents, and several additional features to enhance the overall workflow and make the system more efficient and user friendly.


The existing eCER application is a browser-based application that allows data to be captured through manual data entry or by submitting an XML file through a web service.

The Consultant shall be responsible for developing application enhancements as described in the deliverables below including enabling data encryption at rest and adding the ability to create PDF documents and other features to enhance the overall workflow and make the system more efficient and user friendly.

In coordination with District Attorney’s Systems staff, the Consultant shall be responsible for the analysis, design, architecture, development, testing, and implementation of the enhanced eCER application.


To assist law enforcement officers with standardized data entry. To reduce need for agencies to transport paperwork.

To reduce the time required between completion of the request for filing and receipt of the request by the District Attorney’s office, and to close the loop with law enforcement on filing decisions.

To provide key documents (e.g., Police Reports) to the DA’s office in electronic format.

To allow law enforcement personnel to partially enter filing information into the web-based user interface and then later complete submission.

To allow law enforcement personnel to search for created filing worksheet data and submissions, and to update and/or check case status.

To reduce data entry at the District Attorney’s office.


Design and develop the application enhancements using Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, and web services against a SQL Server database.

Development shall be completed in the District Attorney’s development environment.

Meet CJIS requirements for transmission and storage of criminal offender record information.


One (1) team of Consultant shall be required to perform and deliver the following:

TASK 1 – Data Encryption at Rest

Consultants shall establish the minimum requirements for the encryption of sensitive data at rest, as well as encryption key management to guard against risk in the case where storage media are lost or protect against malicious insiders or systems infected by malware. The team of Consultants shall develop a plan to enable and configure data encryption on the eCER database and modify the eCER application as necessary to support accessing the encrypted database.

Deliverable1:Consultants shall provide a data encryption and key management plan, modify Webmanagement of encryption keys, and provide a new release of eCER which supports accessing the encrypted database.

TASK 2 – Create PDF Document Attachment

Consultants shall design, develop, and test functionality to provide the law enforcement users with the ability to enter or paste ONLY text and create a PDF document to add to a filing along with the other attachments.

Deliverable2:Consultants shall provide a new release of eCER with the ability to create a PDF document from pasted text and automatically include that PDF along with other documents attached to the filing.

TASK 3 – Automatic Conversion of Attachments to PDF

Consultants shall design, develop, and test functionality to automatically convert text, JPEG, Word, Excel, and TIFF files to PDF at time of upload and to give users the option to preview the converted PDFs before submission.

Deliverable 3: Consultants shall provide a new release of eCER with the function to automatically convert attachments to PDF and give users the option of viewing the PDFs prior to submission.

TASK 4 – Additional Features

Consultants shall design, develop, and test functionality to provide the following additional enhancements:

Ability to upload multiple attachments.

Break out Bond/Cite/OR in separate fields in web app; consolidate in DB table. Charges that preclude (or warn) for electronic submission.

DA Admin Manage Users feature – resend application link. Dashboard enhancement (Organization).

Default Suspect displayed on Arrest Charges page.

Extend Attachment file size limit from 10MB to 30 BM.

Identify Suspect level document types and if only 1 suspect, automatically associate suspect.

Indent or collapse Suspects in navigation tree.

Overlay Submit Confirmation on Preview Form page. Search page default (saving previous results).

Capture Physician Witnesses and SDT Records attachment information.

Deliverable 4:Consultants shall provide a new release of eCER which includes the enhancements listed above.


All contractor personnel performing work under this Work Order shall, at the discretion and request of County, undergo and pass, to the satisfaction of County, a background and security investigation as a condition of beginning and continuing work under the agreement. County may request that such investigation(s) be conducted periodically during the term of the agreement.

The investigation(s) will be at the District Attorney’s expense and will be conducted by the District Attorney’s investigators. The investigation(s) will consist, at a minimum, of a complete background check and LiveScan using sources such as the Los Angeles

County Sheriff’s Department, the California Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Crime Information Center.

All contractor personnel requiring access to District Attorney and Court facilities must undergo such background and security investigation(s). The District Attorney and Court may immediately deny or terminate District Attorney and Court facility access to contractor personnel who do not pass such investigation(s) to the satisfaction of the District Attorney/Court, or whose background or conduct is incompatible with District Attorney/Court standards, as determined at the sole discretion of the District Attorney/Court.


Contractor Firmmust meet allthe following:

+ Must have completed three (3) engagements within the last five (5) years implementing into production custom systems with the following characteristics:

+ Designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-wide web-based application software and database utilizing .NET development tools (Visual Basic .NET and NET) and MS SQL Server.

+ Leading engagement through its software life-cycle.

+ Providing oversight of activities, including project planning and status reporting.

Provide documentation of all three engagements including project plans, description of methodologies used, project timelines, user documentation and system architecture documentation with your proposal. Proposals that don’t include this documentation will be disqualified.

+ Must have completed one (1) custom application software development engagement within the last four (4) years, working with a criminal justice organization.

Team of Consultant’smust collectively meet allof the following minimum qualifications:

+ Three (3) years of experience developing web-based applications that handle sensitive data and leveraging a security development lifecycle.

+ Must have completed three (3) engagements within the last five (5) five years leading a software development project, managing a team of three (3) or more individuals, issue tracking and project planning.

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