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Job #2191: IT

Job Code:#2191

Title:Project Manager - Enterprise Website Development

Job Type:Contract

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Job Description:




The County of Los Angeles (County), District Attorney’s Office (DA) seeks to obtain the services of a team of Consultants from the same Contractor with expertise in web design, front-end prototyping, information architecture, social media integration as well as general website development utilizing Open Source Software (OSS) and Content Management Systems (CMS). The consulting team will migrate and enhance the existing Project LEAD website to include a responsive website with modern and engaging design and additional required functionality using current open source content management system technologies.


LADA is the largest local prosecutorial office in the United States, with approximately

1,000 deputy district attorneys, 300 investigators and 800 support personnel. LADA’s mission is to protect our community through the fair and ethical pursuit of justice and the safeguarding of crime victims’ rights. The office’s public affairs efforts include outreach and educational resources for the community at large.

Project LEAD (Program)

Project LEAD is a premier law-related education program established by LADA in 1993. The 20-week curriculum teaches fifth-grade students about the criminal justice system and the importance of making good choices. Volunteers from within LADA and partner agencies are instructors for the program and serve as role models in the classroom. Project LEAD is a partnership between LADA and Constitutional Rights Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The goal of Project LEAD is simple: To teach children that the choices they make today can affect their lives forever. Since its inception, Project LEAD has been taught to more than 30,000 students in Los Angeles County. As a model program, Project LEAD has attracted national and international attention and been implemented by prosecutorial agencies worldwide.

The Program’s website,, is the central hub to providing participating Los Angeles County facilitators housed in different parts of the county access to the full Project LEAD curriculum. The system allows facilitators to log in and download up-to-date and easy-to-use lessons and offers tips to guide facilitators in effectively teaching the program at their assigned schools throughout the county. The website is also utilized as a recruitment tool providing interested volunteers, teachers, and other prosecutorial agencies general information about the program and an overview of the curriculum. Non-Los Angeles County prosecutorial agencies may also access the full curriculum by creating an account. This has allowed the program to be adopted by other jurisdictions throughout the U.S., Canada, and Greece.

Annually, about 250 Los Angeles County prosecutors and criminal justice professionals volunteer for Project LEAD. The website is visited frequently during the school term and allows registered facilitators from LADA’s 32 branch, area and juvenile offices, as well as partner agencies, full access to the curriculum. Partner prosecutorial agencies participating in Project LEAD include the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, California Attorney General’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office. Currently, the website provides general information on Project LEAD, stores the curriculum (consists of 20 lessons) and allows means for submitting field trip requests. Los Angeles County facilitators register through online registration during annual recruitment. Access to the full curriculum is limited only to registered facilitators to maintain control over program quality.


Consultants shall review the current Project LEAD website,, the attached page requirements with features and functions (Attachment A) and site map (Attachment B) to gain an understanding of the project’s desired vision and scope of the required application for bid preparation purposes.

Current Website Challenges

+ Website is hosted in Joomla, a content management system. LADA has limited technical experience with Joomla.

+ Website is hosted offsite by a third-party organization causing higher security risks. Registration module is more complicated than necessary.

+ Administering the site is difficult.

+ Troubleshooting requires longer wait times.

New Website Vision

Migrating the support of the website in-house will improve IT operations. It will reduce security risks, provide LADA with more control and flexibility and will allow support team to be more responsive with resolving technical issues.

Moving the website to an easier to use content management system and user subscription tool will improve administrator functions. It will reduce time spent managing and administering the system. Project LEAD administrators will be able to do quick edits and updates without directly accessing source code. Administration of web content will be based on assigned access levels.

Adding more features and automating certain program functions will improve program operations. It will streamline and optimize workflow processes and improve the overall facilitator experience and program effectiveness.

A redesign and restructuring of content delivered on the Project LEAD website will provide LADA an opportunity to improve engagement and communication efforts with facilitators and participating schools and teachers. The new website will be less text heavy and more visually appealing, prominent with infographics, photos and videos.

New website features and functions will include, but are not limited to automating school agreement submittal process, registering participating teachers, creating means for conducting surveys and serving as the main communication portal for delivering custom messages and information to participants. See Attachment A with description of all functions included on the existing website, as well as new added features and functions.

The new Project LEAD website shall be designed, developed, tested, and deployed by July 1, 2018. This will be in time for facilitator recruitment for the 2018-2019 school year.

Desired Project Outcomes

A website that meets the following:

+ Adapts to Modern Technology. Responsive web design and development that responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation and is fully functional across all internet browsers.

+ Accessible. Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

+ Secure. Coding that conforms to best practices, guarding against the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities.

+ Enhanced User Experience. Analyze and incorporate techniques and design to maximize overall user experience. Designed and organized in a manner that helps users to easily find information.

+ Fresh Content. Enhance, consolidate and migrate existing content where it is appropriate. Create content for new functionalities and improved user experience.

+ Improved Administrative Functionality. Spend less time managing and administering the system. Ability to do quick edits and updates without directly accessing source code.

+ Managed Content. A fully functional CMS (Drupal or WordPress) that supports multi-media content types and enables staff to maintain and distribute content effectively and efficiently.

+ Brand Recognition. Act as a marketing tool to promote brand awareness. The Consultant will coordinate with LADA on all phases of the website redesign. The Consultants shall have overall project responsibility in overseeing the project’s successful implementation within the scope of this Statement of Work.

Technical Requirements

+ Provide consulting services to LADA to establish a website platform with appropriately configured opensource content management system (Drupal or WordPress) hosted on Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Linux servers. Ensure the website is stable, secure, loads quickly, enables LADA to add/edit/delete content, and provides enhanced user experiences.

+ Develop a responsive website that is fully functional across common internet browsers and versions on both desktop and portable devices.

+ Allow non-IT users to easily take control of and manage both static and dynamic content.

+ Provide assistance and guidance in improving content presentation strategy and content type including multi-media and dynamic content.

+ Provide ability for video streaming.

+ Assign ability for multiple user roles and passwords with varying degrees of site maintenance permissions.

+ Provide search capabilities using key words or phrasing that will identify content from throughout the site.

+ Support social media outreach including social media content strategy, interface and integration.

+ Implement tracking software to produce user-defined site log reports. Provide design deliverables for:

+ Design of navigation bars using text-based to be search engine friendly and to allow both primary and secondary links changeable throughout the CMS

+ Flexible templates for content, channels and different browsing devices o Content role and responsibility mapping

+ Develop a plan for content curation, design and develop the media or other communication content for the website in as-needed manner

+ Meet ADA Section 508/WCAG 2.0 compliance and verify compliance using SiteImprove reporting services to analyze, evaluate, configure and debug issues Websites designs are required to use responsive themes that supports popular browsers (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), and portable/mobile devices (such as desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Androids).

+ Must successfully pass an Acunetix AVWS v.11 (or higher) security scan. (No high- or medium-level security vulnerability alerts during scan.)

+ Must comply with web application security standards as defined by the Open Web Application Security Standards (OWASP) Top 10 Project -\_Top\_Ten\_Project


One (1) team of Consultant shall be required to perform and deliver the following:

Task 1: Planning

Consultants shall prepare a Project Implementation Plan for the new website to include the following:

+ Recommended design approach based on website vision and desired project outcomes

+ Recommendations for information architecture and content plans

+ Recommended development document that meets technical page requirements, website vision, desired project outcomes and functions and features

+ Timeline for design, development, testing, training and deployment

Consultants shall prepare and conduct presentations upon request to the project sponsors. LADA will provide all website content to the Consultant. These may include all text, documents, forms, presentations, photos and videos to be used as content on the website. Consultants shall also be granted administrator access to current website to gain an understanding of existing administrator functions.

Deliverable 1

Consultants shall deliver a Project Implementation Plan, including timeline, to LADA Project Managers for approval.

Task 2: Website Design

Consultants shall develop final website design document with an approved visual layout, including final site maps that cover home page and user navigations, incorporating agreed-upon designs, providing updated wireframes and screen mock-ups that convey the look, feel and navigation of the website. Consultants shall provide contemporary themes that match Project LEAD logo and brand including color schemes, typography, page layout templates, icons, menu navigations, social media integration, logo usage, sliders and homepage designs.

Deliverable 2:

Consultants shall present a final website design to LADA Project Managers for approval. The design presentation should include documents which clearly define the design (both technically and visually) and may include a prototype website.

Task 3: Website Development

Final Page Requirements Development Document

Consultants shall prepare a final development document of page requirements which covers all site features, functions and technical specifications. This document shall also identify the CMS and hosting platform and define tasks, resources and dates for development, client validation and implementation. Recommendations for both hardware and software to be purchased by LADA or for a hosted solution, along with defining ongoing costs for website maintenance and operations, shall be included.

Deliverable 3.1

Consultants shall deliver a final page requirements development document to LADA Project Manager for approval. The approved document shall guide the completion of the website development.

Install and Configure Development Environment and Build Website

Based on the adoption of the final development document, Consultants shall implement the development environment to support building the website. LADA will provide a current development server. Consultants and LADA team shall install/configure the environment. Subtasks shall include the following:

County will procure the requisite hardware/software, if required.

County and Consultant shall install and set up CMS development environment with current supported version.

Consultant shall complete the website development, including additional scripting, and creating graphical elements as needed to achieve the approved look and feel.

Deliverable 3.2

Consultants shall deliver a complete website based on the approved website design document and approved development document. The website shall include all webpage requirements with features and functions as identified in Attachment A. All webpages should be completed with approved design, content, photos, and videos.

Load Website Content

Consultants shall load all website content (text, images, videos, etc.) to the new website. Content shall be provided to Consultants electronically.

Deliverable 3.3

Consultants shall deliver a fully populated website using content provided by LADA.

Task 4: Functional Testing, Training, and Website Deployment Functional Testing

Consultants and LADA shall conduct usability performance tests to ensure that all desired project outcomes are met and all website features are functional. Consultants and LADA shall also test site on all applicable platforms to ensure that acceptable rendering and performance on common browsing platforms is achieved.

Deliverable 4.1:

Consultants shall provide documentation of passing test results. LADA shall give final approval.


Prior to deployment, Consultants shall provide in-person training to LADA content managers and system administrators on new CMS. LADA will be fully trained on the CMS and best practices on content development. Training should consist of one day of content management training and one day of system administration training. Consultants shall provide a training manual with step-by-step instructions on managing content and administrating all site features and functions including creating, editing, and deleting material, and adjusting access permissions.

Deliverable 4.2:

+ Provide necessary in-person training to LADA administrators per defined terms.

+ Provide a thorough training manual to LADA’s Project Managers for approval.

+ Website Deployment

+ Consultants shall install the required software and configure the production environment on County servers. Consultants shall migrate the development website to the production server and complete any additional configurations needed.

Prior to deployment, Consultants shall:

+ Perform changes with deployment team until performance objectives are approved by Consultants and LADA.

+ Provide CMS login credentials to LADA administrators.

+ Provide in-person training and training manual to LADA administrators on new CMS.

Deliverable 4.3:

+ After LADA validation, Consultants shall migrate final website which meets all technical requirements to a production environment and launch. Consultants shall hold a post-implementation meeting to discuss website performance.

+ Task 5: Post-Deployment Support

+ Consultants shall provide one year of post-deployment support to include the following:

+ Upgrading core CMS and any third-party modules/add-ons to currently supported release.

+ Applying security patches as made available by the CMS developer.

+ Mitigating any non-content-related issues identified by periodic Acunetix AVWS security scans and SiteImprove section 508 scanning.

+ 100 hours of end-user technical support and training.

Deliverable 5

+ Consultants shall provide a one-year technical support plan per above terms.


All Contractor personnel performing work under this Work Order shall, at the discretion and request of County, undergo and pass, to the satisfaction of County, a background and security investigation as a condition of beginning and continuing work under the agreement. County may request that such investigation(s) be conducted periodically during the term of the agreement.

The investigation(s) will be at the District Attorney’s expense and will be conducted by the District Attorney’s investigators. The investigation(s) will consist, at a minimum, of a complete background check and LiveScan using sources such as the Los Angeles

County Sheriff’s Department, the California Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Crime Information Center.

All Contractor personnel requiring access to District Attorney and Court facilities must undergo such background and security investigation(s). The District Attorney and Court may immediately deny or terminate District Attorney and Court facility access to contractor personnel who do not pass such investigation(s) to the satisfaction of the District Attorney/Court, or whose background or conduct is incompatible with District Attorney/Court standards, as determined at the sole discretion of the District Attorney/Court.


Contractor’s Project Manager:

The Contractor’s Project Manager must meet the following minimum qualifications:

+ Two (2) years of experience within the last four (4) years working as a project manager designing and developing private or public facing websites.

+ Two (2) years of experience within the last four (4) years working as a project manager in software solution development projects designing graphical user interfaces, websites and website prototypes that incorporate functionality including surveys, fillable forms, subscriptions, dynamic menus, responsive design and app integration.

+ Three (3) years experience managing Open Source projects for three (3) or more content authors.

+ Four (4) years experience managing website projects that generate 100,000+ visits per month.

Attend meetings at the LADA Headquarters or System Division Headquarters.

The Contractor must provide the Project Manager’s resume, references, and documentation of the requested experience including project plans, project timelines, design documentation, and URLs. Proposals that don’t include this documentation will be disqualified.

Contractor’s Technical Team of Consultants:

Consultants (can also include PM) must collectively meet all the following minimum qualifications:

+ Two (2) years of experience within the last four (4) years designing, prototyping, and developing responsive websites for WordPress or Drupal CMS websites using supporting software such as CSS, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and HTML.

+ Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years designing websites that incorporate surveys, fillable forms, subscriptions, responsive design, and blogs.

+ Two (2) years of experience developing websites for private or public sector agencies.

+ Three (3) years of experience within the last six (6) years developing information architecture or converting website structure.

+ Two (2) years of experience within the last six (6) years developing requirement specifications for private or public-sector websites.

Briefly describe your organization’s structure, location, history and capacity (i.e. staffing, skill set, etc.) in your proposal. Describe the type of team that would be composed for this project.

The Contractor shall provide resumes and references for each of the proposed project team members and documentation of the requested experience including website design, information architecture document or diagram, project plans for design, development, or conversion, and URLs. Proposals that don’t include this documentation will be disqualified.

If called upon for an interview, candidate team will be required to provide references. Partial months of experience will not be accepted as a full year.


LADA Project Managers will make assignments, monitor work and progress, as well as review/approve Consultant’s time and deliverables. All documentation should be delivered both in hard copy and electronically. LADA Project Managers will have the authority to inspect all of the Consultant’s work in progress. The purpose of such inspections will be to verify project progress as reported by Consultants and to ensure that work product is in conformance with requirements.

The County’s Project Director will monitor all expenditures and will have final approval of all work performed by the Consultants. The Contractor will submit invoices based on deliverables. Payments to the Contractor will be approved in writing when County’s Project Director or designee is satisfied with the completed work. Payments to Consultant for work performed shall be made only for deliverables, which have been approved in writing by LADA Project Managers, and in accordance with the terms of the Work Order.


All project deliverables to be prepared with Microsoft Office Suite products unless otherwise approved. An amount of fifteen percent (15%) of the payment of each Deliverable will be deferred until the successful completion of all deliverables through Deliverable 5.

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