Job #2382: IT

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Job Description

Job #2382: IT

Job Code:#2382

Title:Developer (Wordpress CMS, OSS)

Job Type:Contract

Job Location:Downey CA

Job Description:


ISD – ACWM/MEC Websites Redesign


The Los Angeles County (County), Internal Services Department (ISD), Shared Services Branch (SSB), Internet Development Division (IDD) seeks to obtain the services of a team of two (2) Consultants from the same Contractor to assist IDD in the design and development of websites in order to migrate Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures (ACWM) and Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner (MEC) current sites from WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management (WCM) platforms. The team will consist of one (1) Project Manager and one (1) Technical Consultant with expertise in design and development of websites using Open Source Software (OSS) and WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS).


IDD provides support and development services to County Departments and is currently responsible for maintaining more than 20 websites developed in a variety of software platforms including WebSphere Portal/ WCM, SharePoint, Stellent CMS and other software tools. WebSphere Portal/WCM solution was utilized as the County’s primary website development platform but will be sunset per Board directive. In an effort to provide County Departments with a wider selection of software development platforms, as well as, faster time-to-market for certain website projects, IDD is expanding its offerings to include a choice of OSS platforms to be utilized for website development. IDD also started an effort of ‘forklifting’ existing Portal websites to the Open Source CMS. WordPress CMS has been used for a number of County’s recently refreshed websites. Several Portal websites are also in the transition process to be WordPress CMS based. IDD is seeking assistance to expedite the ‘forklift’ migration process.


IDD seeks the capabilities of a team of two (2) Consultants to assist them with redesigning and developing the ACWM and MEC websites. Consultants shall assist IDD to engage ACWM and MEC customers in the effort of modernizing their public web presence, developing and deploying their websites to the Open Source platform. Consultants shall propose a new design based off the existing ACWM and MEC’s site structure and content, develop the new website using WordPress CMS and current content, and deploy the website. WordPress CMS will be the primary application solution for the new development and deployment process. Both ACWM and MEC websites contain a number of custom forms which are important for their supported services. MEC website currently maintains a general site structure for both English and Spanish content. The effort to provide a similar mechanism for multilingual content is required. MEC website also integrates with several backend data repositories to surface dynamic data and the County eCommerce payment services. It’s critical to ensure such interfaces are transitioned transparently. A developed Integrated Development Environment (IDE), deployment framework, and User Interface (UI) pattern library will be established or used to serve both intranet and internet audiences protected by the County’s security infrastructure. All delivered websites are required to be WCAG 2.0 compliant and mobile friendly using responsive theme.


The team of Consultants shall perform the following duties:

1.Website Development & Conversion Plan

Consultants shall coordinate and maintain project plans by providing guidance and best practices recommendations in the development of project planning documents to ensure proper staff allocation, action plans, governance guidelines, development standards and successful deployment of sites within prescribed timeframes.

a. Consultants shall provide outlines and standards for development of requirement specifications, wireframes and use of other agile development, prototyping and deployment tools.

b. Consultants shall provide consulting services for the evaluation and selection of tools and plugins appropriate to various websites considering load, scope, security and other needs.

2.Website Development & Conversion Implementation

Consultants shall implement Agile Software Development techniques to develop and/or convert ACWM and MEC websites using OSS and WordPress CMS software tools including PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, Apache, CSS, Theme Development and other supporting software. These tools will facilitate development and support of:

a. A generalized theme to render a modern look, feel and friendly user interface to include:

o Color schemes, widgets, typography, page layouts, homepages, forms,

icons, sliders, menus, social integration, SEO, maps and animations.

o Cross browser compatibility with fully responsive design.

o Various page layout templates including tables, buttons and lists, icons,

about us, services, contact, maps, calendars, newsfeed, FAQ, etc.

o Friendly multi-lingual user experience

o Support of WCAG 2.0 compliancy.

o Mobile friendly and responsive to popular viewing devices.

b. Custom web pages structure and functionality.

c. Enhance user and authoring experience based on functional design.

d. Support web tools including CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Linux and MySQL.

e. Create and manage content using graphics and layout software.

3.Hosting, Security and Network Integration and Deployment

Consultants shall lead the integration and deployment of developed assets or solution to the hosting environments including software installation, security scans, and server provisioning and deployment, which will include:

a. Maintain the environment including install software, maintain server including Linux, Apache, MySQL, RHEL 6.5 & 7 and scan security software and maintenance including Acunetix or other similar solution.

b. Install and configure hosting environments to include development and production.

c. Document key configuration parameters for each website and environment.

d. Test performance and perform configuration changes until performance objectives are met.

e. Participate in security screening and perform deployment changes until security standards are met.

f. Adjust the functionality as needed to accommodate environment, security and hosting upgrades.

g. Document software installation and creation of update procedures including add-on modules, widgets or plug-ins.

4.Business Planning, Support & Knowledge Transfer

a. Consultants shall assist IDD in formulating and executing staffing, training and business service plans in order to cost-effectively offer the maintenance and support services to ACWM and MEC Departments.

b. Consultants shall conduct knowledge transfer sessions to designated support staff and trainers.


Project Manager (PM)

The Consultant must meet all of the following minimum qualifications:

1. Current certification in Agile Software Development Methodology and training.Certification documentation must be provided with bid response.

2. Five (5) years of experience within the last seven (7) years working as a project manager developing CMS websites.

3. Five (5) years of experience within the last seven (7) years designing graphical user interfaces, websites and website prototypes that incorporate functionality including surveys, fillable forms, subscriptions, dynamic menus, responsive design and app integration.

4. Two (2) years of experience within the last five (5) years managing systems using RHEL 6.x and 7.x.

5. Five (5) years of experience within the last six (6) years developing WordPress websites in a public or private environment.

6. Five (5) years of experience within the last six (6) years maintaining WordPress CMS websites and supporting software including, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Linux, and MySQL. Experience in PostgreSQL and Maria DB is preferred.

7. Five (5) years of experience within the last six (6) years working as a project manager providing systems support, security, and maintenance software including Linus, Apache and Acunetix or compatible solution.

8. Five (5) years of experience within the last seven (7) years working as a project manager in software solution development projects.

Contractor’s Technical Consultant

Consultants (can also include PM) must collectively meet all of the following minimum qualifications (the team of Consultants must collectively meet all of the qualifications, each Consultant must meet at least one qualification):

1. Five (5) years of experience within the last six (6) years developing and converting websites using OSS tools and WordPress CMS tools.

2. Four (4) years of experience within the last six (6) years developing requirement specifications for private or public sector websites.

3. Four (4) years of experience within the last five (5) years designing and configuring responsive CMS websites.

4. Two (2) years of experience within the last three (3) years developing public or private sector websites utilizing all of the following tools:

a. Adobe Creative Suite including Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator,

b. Adobe Acrobat,

c. WordPress CMS,

d. CSS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Maria DB, and PostgreSQL,

e. Linux, Apache, and Acunetix or compatible solution.

Contractor’s Work Samples

Must provide one (1) work sample for each of the following projects which were completed within the last three (3) years:

a. Website design for public or private agency.

b. Business plan for website development services.

c. Detailed project plan for website development or conversion.

Bid submissions that fail to submit a complete WOS Form A will be disqualified. Partial months of experience will not be accepted as a full year.

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