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Job Description

Job Description

Answers front desk telephone.

A. If another office needs a chart on an emergency basis or a walk-in basis (either the patient has arrived or is expected that day) the receptionist pulls the chart and faxes any current test results. No further information is necessary as dictation and hearing test results are scanned into the practice management system.


II. Greets patients as they arrive and directs them to sign in.

A. New patients are given a printed demographic sheet to review and correct, and a patient medical history form to complete. Receptionist collects insurance card and photo ID, and scans them into the practice management system. Each new patient is shown a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices if they request it; each return patient who has not been seen in a year is also shown a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices if requested. Each new patient (and longer than a year return patient) is asked to sign the Acknowledgment of the Notice of Privacy Practices,a HPAA form, and a Procedure Fees form. See attached.


Patients who have not been seen in one year or more are given a pre-printed demographic sheet to review, and they must re-sign an updated Privacy Practice Acknowledgment form. The patient must complete a medical history form after 2 years for Dr. Davis, and after 3 years for Drs. Weingarten, Dickson and Stone.


1. Receptionist reviews these forms when the patient returns them, updates the system demographics, and PRINTS THE ROUTER/SUPER BILL. (New charts should already have been made). At this point the Receptionist will collect co-pays, unless the co-pay is a percentage, and deductibles whenever possible.



2. Referrals should have already been checked by the person reviewing the charts and found if necessary. If the patient does not obtain a referral, the patient may not be seen until the situation is resolved. Patients receive a reminder phone call the day before their appointment and they are reminded to bring their referral if they have received a hard copy.


3. If a referral is required and not available, the receptionist will ask the patient to call the referring doctor?s office and request a referral by fax. If the referring physician refuses to fax a referral, the patient must be told that he/she cannot be seen as this is a violation of the insurance contract between the insured and the insurance company. If the patient insists on being seen, you MUST check with Dr. Davis, Dr. Weingarten, Dr. Dickson or Dr. Stone. If our physician authorizes the visit, you must place a note in the system acknowledging which of our physicians allowed the visit.

a. All Blue Care Network claims require a referral. These referrals are on-line and are easily down loadable if the PCP has not faxed a copy and if the patient does not bring a copy in (only on-line for 2 weeks). Billing does not NEED a copy, but if we receive a hard copy from elsewhere, place it in the chart.



B. Return patients (less than a year) should be greeted as they sign in, their names should be pulled up in the computer, their demographics checked and changed in the system immediately if necessary. Pull up their scanned IDs, or check their picture ID, and confirm that the person standing in front of you is the patient.


C. For all NEW and RETURN Patients:


1. If you change the demographics, print a new demographic sheet to place in the chart and ask the patient to sign the Authorization for Direction of Payment form and place the new signed sheet in the chart.

2. Print the ROUTER/SUPER BILL, and collect the co-pay and deductible if applicable. If the co-pay is a percentage, inform the patient that the percentage will be calculated at check out and due at check out.

3. You will have already checked for outstanding balances when the chart was reviewed, and those balances should be collected at this time as well. If the patient refuses to pay or cannot pay the outstanding balance, let the patient know you must check with the physician to see if the doctor will see the patient. Check with the physician and follow the physician?s instruction.


- 2 -

4. Request office visit payment for all high deductible insurances at this time unless it is noted for a fact in the system notes that the deductible has been met. If the patient informs you that the deductible has been met, please check with the insurance company.

5. If the patient refuses to pay or cannot pay the co-pay and/or known deductible at the time of registration, politely inform the patient that you will have to check with the physician to see if the patient can be seen, as this is an agreement between the patient and their insurance company. Check with the physician and follow the physician?s direction.

6. Any employee who makes an appointment, must follow-up with checking insurance eligibility and noting the insurance specifics in the computer record. If the receptionist is making a return appointment for a patient who is being seen today and will be seen again within the month, then she does not have to check insurance eligibility. (When the receptionist reviews her charts for the following day, she should be sure to glance at the last time the insurance was verified, she may wish to review the insurance before the patient arrives if no one has looked at it in 3 months or more.)


C. Charts are then put in the rack for the physicians in the following order.

By appointment time.

By arrival time/completion of paperwork time.


D. When the patient is leaving the receptionist inquires if the patient needs a return appointment with the physician and/or an appointment for a special

audiology test.

1. If the patient needs to make a return appointment within the next 30 days, then an appointment is scheduled at the time the patient is checking out. Assist the patient to make the appointment at this point, even if the patient is not sure. The patient can always call and reschedule if he finds the appointment is a problem, but there is at least a 50/50 chance the appointment will be good and it cuts down on incoming calls.

2. If the patient needs to make a return appointment for 6 months or 12 months in the future, you can also schedule that appointment. However, if the patient indicates he will call in to make the appointment at a later date, make sure a reminder card is addressed and filed for future mailing. The medical receptionist or the patient can fill out the reminder card.

E. Overbooking and/or Same Day Add-Ons of New, Return or Sick Patients.

1. When the appointment scheduler overbooks, with the physician?s permission through his medical assistant, then the medical receptionist will receive an IM from the appointment scheduler with the updated information.

Company Description

With offices to care for patients in Southfield, Novi, St. Clair Shores, and Livonia, Michigan...Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants, Quality Hearing Aid Center and The Sinus Center provides the latest in surgical and medical treatment for adults and children of all ages. It is our goal to provide the highest quality care to our patients in a technologically advanced yet comfortable setting. For further information on Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants visit


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