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Paramedic - PRN

Leon County BOCC • Tallahassee, FL 32313

Posted 1 week ago

Job Description

General Description of Duties

This is paraprofessional, entry-level Paramedic work, providing basic and advanced life support, and transporting sick and injured patients. Work involves driving to and from the scene, providing patient care as directed by a paramedic and within the medical protocols and standards established by the EMS Medical Director, documenting activities, and providing other assistance as needed.
NOTE: The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.
Checks vehicle for supplies and equipment. Maintains inventory control. Advises paramedic and/or EMT partner and logistics personnel of equipment and supplies needed.
Maintains vehicle in full operational readiness in compliance with state and division standards, insuring supplies, cleanliness, and preventive maintenance.
Assists in maintaining ambulance in efficient operating condition. Cleans the ambulance after each emergency call. Conducts medical inventory and inspection of supplies. Restocks the emergency vehicle with regard to supplies and equipment.
Receives dispatch instructions by radio or telephone. Communicates over radio and telephone with dispatch operations, hospital staff, and representatives of other public safety organizations.
Operates an ambulance expeditiously and safely through traffic in accordance with defensive driving techniques and various weather conditions. Adheres to traffic regulations governing emergency vehicle operation. Drives the emergency vehicle to and from accident scenes and hospitals.
Assists paramedics and EMTs in establishing priority for emergency care; initiates basic and advanced life support procedures according to established standing orders and medical protocols.
Follows and performs work consistent with Standard Operating Guidelines, standing orders and medical protocols.
Communicates effectively with patients, family members, bystanders, team members, public safety staff, first responders, dispatchers, and radio operators.
Assesses patient condition. Administers a variety of basic life support medical treatments accurately and as rapidly as possible, using techniques such as patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), splinting, obstetrical assistance, bandaging, administration of oxygen, and other techniques described in the Paramedic Training Course curriculum. Uses other techniques which have been approved and are performed under conditions specified by rules of the Florida Department of Health. Administers a variety of advanced life support medical treatment through the use of techniques such as endotracheal intubation, the administration of drugs or intravenous fluids, telemetry, cardiac monitoring, and cardiac defibrillation.
Administers emergency care while transporting patient in ambulance. Assists EMT and/or paramedic in delivering patient to emergency room.
Completes required forms and reports, documenting patient care and other matters as required.
Attends seminars, workshops and training sessions as required.
Provides for the security of controlled substances and witnesses the proper disposal of controlled substances.
When assigned, provides facility to facility transports, both locally and outside of Leon County, Florida.
Assists with community events such as educating the public on injury prevention, bicycle safety, car seat safety, emergency medical procedures and Cariopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
Performs miscellaneous duties and administrative tasks such as facility cleaning, general housekeeping, and scheduling maintenance.
May be required to be on twenty-four hour call and/or regularly work on various shifts, weekends, and/or holidays as deemed necessary.
In the event of a declared state of emergency, employees in this classification may be called to work during days or hours other than those for which they are regularly scheduled.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Independent judgment is required in the application of medical services in accordance to established standards. Employee must apply principles of emergency medicine and common sense understanding to carry out detailed and involved written or oral instructions. Employee must comprehend and interpret information received and observed.
Supervision Received
Duties range from defined to somewhat defined and involves judgment and the application of established standards. Supervised by Charge Paramedic.
Supervision Of Others
Work requires interaction with the sick and injured, medical staff, and public safety staff.
Rescue vehicle, stretcher, and medical equipment.
Work is performed indoors and outdoors. Work environmental factors include exposure to adverse weather conditions including rain, heat, cold, wind, et cetera. May work in conditions of poor lighting and high levels of noise. May be exposed to moving mechanical parts. Work involves risk of infection or contamination from injured people, hostile/violent individuals, toxic or caustic chemicals. Physical demands require lifting in excess of 100 pounds. Physical demands include climbing, balancing, stooping, crawling, bending, kneeling, walking, sitting, or standing for prolong periods of time. Employee must use hands to finger, handle, or feel, reach with hands and arms. Employee must communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Motor coordination is required to safely walk and carry equipment and patients over even and uneven terrain. Work involves working in areas of limited mobility including an ambulance.
Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of emergency medical service and basic and advanced life support of the sick and injured.
Knowledge of the proper handling, containment, and disposal of bio-hazardous medical waste.
Knowledge of emergency medical equipment and telecommunication devices.
Knowledge of traffic regulations governing emergency vehicle operation.
Knowledge of highways, roads, and streets of the City and County.
Knowledge of rules for effective written and spoken English communications.
Skill in operating an emergency vehicle expeditiously, safely and defensively.
Skill in the use of radio equipment.
Skill in applying appropriate medical techniques.
Ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.
Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.
Ability to maintain a courteous and professional demeanor.
Ability to lift/push/carry in excess of 100 pounds.
Ability to make accurate assessments of injuries or physical trauma.
Ability to properly set-up and use equipment as directed by higher level paramedics.
Ability to maneuver an emergency vehicle/ambulance expeditiously and safely through traffic.
Ability to deal with a variety of sick, injured, and hysterical/violent individuals from various socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
Ability to maintain thoroug


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