Private Wealth Investment Analyst - Washington, D.C.

Bank Of America • Washington Navy Yard, DC 20398

Posted 1 month ago

Job Description

The Analyst (Registered) is a fully paid or firm paid (exception only), salaried, exempt position on the Financial Advisor Team to further develop and service their client base. The Analyst is responsible for implementing and executing the Optimal Practice Model (OPM) in their specific functional role (i.e. Business Development, Business Management, Relationship Management or Investments). Specific accountabilities for the role may vary depending on the teams practice. Performance is measured by the FA or FA team, along with OMT, through specific goals, metrics, and behavior related to the execution of the OPM function. The Analyst (Non Registered) is a non-exempt position for a non -licensed hire lacking a license and/or designation, until fully licensed and designation achieved. The Analyst (Registered) is a non-exempt position for licensed employees that are in progress of completing their designation in 12-months.

Analyst - Business Development (Exempt)

  • Identify target client segment/market niche and establish strong reputation within markets
  • Develop and maintain value proposition, marketing plan and branding within chosen market
  • Create and follow client acquisition plan, identify activities, specify and track progress towards quantifiable goals.
  • Proactively generate leads and referrals through centers of influence , events, referral alliances, targeted seminars strategic networking, sourcing and introductions
  • Manage client acquisition pipeline through utilization of a pipeline management system (Salesforce) to track prospects, leads and current clients.

    Analyst - Business Management (Exempt)

  • Develop business plan and track progress with quantifiable business and activity goals; and align daily activities with practice metrics, goals and objectives
  • Define roles and responsibilities aligned to OPM framework for each practice member
  • Define and periodically review client segmentation, minimum account size, pricing, and profitability by comparing revenue and time capacity per client; adjust to ensure clients are in right channel
  • Proactively generate leads through active management of the practices communication strategies and expenses
  • Drive the overall vision for the practice through leveraging strategic partnerships and developmental opportunities

Analyst - Relationship Management (Exempt)

  • Define and deliver consistent ongoing c communication and engagement plan
  • Discuss fees charged and rationale regularly, and review platform and pricing on an ongoing basis
  • Deepen client relationships through ongoing profiling and identification of client needs, by creating a robust electronic profile form where information is captured and proactively updated on a regular basis
  • Plan and hold appreciation events and/or seminars and individual social outings to various client segments, and invite clients based on their needs/interests.
  • Leverage partners/specialists to identify opportunities with existing clients reviewing clients situation with specialists on a regular basis
  • Maintain documentation of all client interactions in Salesforce, making full use of notes, assigned follow-ups, etc.

Analyst - Investments (Exempt)

  • Define investment philosophy and strategy (e.g., asset allocation, strategic vs. tactical, active vs. passive) and clearly articulate approach to investing that is implemented through a repeatable process
  • Manage client portfolios using a fully documented investment philosophy leveraging Wealth Management tools and review portfolios for potential rebalancing
  • Establish a clear buy/sell discipline for selecting investment products consistent with client goals and risk tolerance for initiating and selling positions
  • Implement, manage and deliver via the creation of model portfolios and engage in ongoing performance analysis of various asset classes as well as client education Have deep knowledge of the various Merrill Lynch investment platforms (e.g., MLPA, UMA, PIA, MFA) as well as the available products and solutions and relevant contacts
  • Conduct ongoing research on markets and investments and follow disciplined process to monitor and respond to external events

    Analyst - Investments (Exempt)

  • Develop and service certain or pre-identified client segments of an FA or FA Team client base (such as, related accounts and specific account segments).
  • Profile, qualify, and develop prospective clients through the five Client Acquisition Strategies: Sourcing & Introductions, Intimate Events, Strategic Networking, and Referral Alliances, and Targeted Seminars.
  • Support the overall Goals-Based Wealth Management process to certain client segments.
  • Implement investment strategies and presentations and implement investment recommendations through presentations
  • Gather additional assets from existing client base.
  • Coordinate and introduce technological support to FA or FA teams business through the development of portfolio analysis, spreadsheets, proposals, direct mail campaigns, etc.
  • Provide specialized support to an FA through technical expertise in certain product areas (e.g. Corporate 401(K), Rule 144, Insurance, etc.).
  • Provide marketing and organizational support to FA or FA team as needed.

Private Wealth Analyst - Business Development (Exempt)

  • Strategically analyze client base determining best fit clients served by practice expertise as well as ensuring that clients not best served are introduced to strategic partners
  • Create a value proposition that highlights core competency(s) which differentiate the practice from competitors
  • Create and follow UHNW client acquisition plan, identify activities, specify and track progress towards quantifiable goals.
  • Proactively generate leads and referrals through centers of influence, events, referral alliances, targeted seminars strategic networking, sourcing and introductions
  • Manage UHNW client acquisition plan (include COIs, referrals, and consulting external to source potential clients)
  • Define and market brand that permeates all practice activities and aligns the practices strategy, priorities and core competencies.

    Private Wealth Analyst - Business Management (Exempt)

  • Create interim business plans with goals, objectives and repeatable processes that support the long-term vision of the practice, tracking progress against goals frequently
  • Define roles and responsibilities and align reward and incentives with those expectations
  • Understand core client groupings and corresponding profitability
  • Establish a transparent pricing policy that effectively captures value delivered to clients
  • Define an infrastructure that supports knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Utilize information system(s) to support documentation and preservation (e.g., SalesForce, O drive, Outlook, etc.)

Private Wealth Analyst - Relationship Management (Exempt)


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