Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA) Web Designer

Counterpart International, Inc.

Arlington, VA 22212

Posted 1 week ago

Job Description

COUNTERPART International is a U.S.-based NGO working in the international development sector with an annual portfolio of $65M, primarily funded through awards from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). COUNTERPART works on behalf of the social sector – individuals, organizations and networks around the world who are committed to creating social good. They are our Counterparts –those striving for more open and participatory government; healthy communities, access to education, natural resource protection and climate resiliency; and improved livelihoods. No matter what sector, or what country, we are committed to moving the marginalized to full participation in civic life. Only through inclusion will the full potential of a society be realized. We work with governments, organizations, individuals, foundations, and corporations who are committed to building the capacity of the social sector. COUNTERPART currently implements 25 programs in 22 countries with a global staff of nearly 500.

The Internet Freedom Project provides capacity building and information security assistance to civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists operating in non-permissive environments around the globe. In addition, the Project provides mentoring and technical assistance to support these stakeholders in securing their online and mobile communications, so they can safely engage in the online civic space.

The Project website should be updated and maintained by the senior program officer.

The website should:

• Be responsive (working on any kind of devices);

• Be accessible by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (;

• Use specific solutions to fix broken links such as Amber (;

These websites should include the following functionalities:

• Be developed using an Open Source CMS such as Wordpress;

• Automatize a daily database and files dump;

• Configure metadata to improve the visibility and accessibility of the website ;

• UI components must be built on a solid HTML foundation, progressively enhanced to provide core experiences across browsers and must also officially support Internet Explorer 8 and up, the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and designed to support both older and newer browsers;

• Websites must offer a clean, modern aesthetic that meets high standards of visual accessibility while promoting a sense of credibility, trust, and warmth in the design;

• Website must have clear and consistent headings, highly legible body paragraphs, clear labels, and easy-to-use input fields;

• Provide a user friendly back-end;

• Include social media links;

• Provide a global SEO (Search Engine


You are requested to email your offer at or before the exact time specified in this solicitation. Consultant or vendor must provide the following information:

a. The solicitation/RFQ number;

b. The name, addresses (street, email, other), and telephone number of the consultant or vendor;

c. Cover letter (see Section 4 for template)

d. CV of consultant who will undertake the work;

e. A list of three references;

f. Price quote;

g. E-mails should have the subject line: “STTA – Web Developer –“ followed by the name of the applicant;

h. E-mails should be addressed to:

Professional Qualification:

• Degree or Equivalent (in ICT or web development)


• At least 5 years’ experience in the design and development of a variety of digital services

• Proven ability to execute projects from inception through to execution

Key Competencies:

The applicant should possess the following abilities, skills and knowledge:

• A very good understanding of the benefits and challenges of digital services

• A mastery and understanding of a range of tools and technologies that would be appropriate for the Project network

• Able to timeously develop clear, comprehensive and understandable written documents

• Mastering web development tools and frameworks

• Mastering server management

The successful candidate will be:

• An enthusiastic team player, good collaborator, but also able to work independently

• The incumbent should be fluent in writing and speaking English.

Job Type: Headquarters

Telecommute: Yes

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