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Job Description

Wellness Resource Center (WRC) is a private treatment program Florida that is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for adult men and women who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, trauma, and eating disorders (non-primary diagnoses only). Visit our website

At all levels of care, treatment at Wellness Resource Center is provided in a supportive environment that places an emphasis on symptom reduction and the development of healthy coping skills in order to empower clients to live independent lives with purpose, hope, health, and fulfillment.

WRC provides a rich package of employee benefits to its full and part time employees that can include Health, vision, dental, liability, life insurance, 401(k), EAP and more. WRC is a passionate provider, dedicated to helping others with a strong, experienced team of professionals.

Wellness Resource Center is a proud member of Acadia Healthcare - a provider of inpatient behavioral healthcare services. Acadia operates a network of 587 behavioral healthcare facilities with approximately 17,400 beds in 39 states, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico

1. Education - Graduation from an accredited college or university, with a Masters degree in a healthcare field.
2. Experience - Minimum of 2-3 years of direct clinical experience is required and one year of supervision preferred
3. Certifications - Certification as a substance abuse counselor preferred.
4. Licenses - LMHC, LMFT, LCSW preferred.
5. Special Requirements - Knowledge of alcohol and chemical dependency treatment, rehabilitation programs, and dual diagnosis experience required. Considerable knowledge of and experience in the application of therapeutic counseling techniques. Knowledge of the DSM5.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Gathers and assesses information about:
    • The relationship of each individuals physical status to dependence;
    • The nature of the emotional compulsion to use alcohol and/or other drugs; and
    • The intensity of the individuals mental preoccupation with using alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Interprets information about an individuals use of alcohol and or other drugs and develops a summary based on an established and recognized system.
  • Develops treatment plans based on individual problems and needs.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the natural history of dependence distinguishing between alcohol and other drug-related symptoms and other pre-existing physical problems or pathologic behaviors.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the biopsychosocial influences and effects of dependencies.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the range of treatment and interventions needed for chemically dependent individuals.
  • Ability to determine based on assessment, the most appropriate level and nature of treatment for the dependence. Understands the acute and chronic nature of the dependence and the ways medical, emotional, behavioral, social, educational and other interventions are used to treat the individual.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of available treatment resources available through referral and their appropriate use.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for assigned patient.
  • Meets with patient within 24 hours of admission and conducts initial interview.
  • Serves as a team leader for the multi-disciplinary treatment planning process.
  • Provides individual and group therapy for patients and documents the process in the patient record in accordance with facility procedures.
  • Ensures that all documentation regarding patient care, treatment and incidents is done in a clear and concise, accurate and timely manner.
  • Develops and presents didactic material to patients.
  • Conducts family interview and provides for referral to appropriate community or other available resources.
  • Conducts back to work and back to home conferences involving patients, families and concerned parties.
  • Completes discharge summary on day of discharge when directed by program director.
  • Provides crisis intervention to patients as needed.
  • Communicates data with referral sources accurately and timely.
  • Completes records as required.
  • Coordinate continuity of care for patients during absence of staff on duty.
  • Completes a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner, the following:
    • Psychosocial assessment;
    • Diagnostic summary;
    • Treatment plans;
    • Progress notes;
    • Treatment plan updates;
    • Comprehensive continuing care plan; and
    • Discharge summary within 7 days of patient discharge.
  • Other duties as assigned

Under the supervision of the Clinical Supervisor, our Therapists are ultimately responsible for providing individual and group therapy to patients with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Utilizing knowledge of a variety of therapeutic models and theories to understand and plan intervention strategies for a variety of patients;
  • Monitoring patient progress and making changes to the therapeutic approach and best practice, evidenced based interventions based on patient response to treatment;
  • Working collaboratively with the patient and appropriate others to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses priority needs of the patient, desired treatment outcomes, an agreed upon plan of action, and reassessment;
  • Maintaining patient records related to screening, intake, treatment, continuing care, progress toward goals and objectives, discharge summary, and treatment outcomes that are accurate, concise, timely, and useful for coordinating treatment team planning, monitoring, and review.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with local agencies and organizations necessary to expedite treatment for each patient.



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